Invited speakers

  • Rex Hjelm, LANSCE, United States of America
    "Bile Physiology and Physical Chemistry in Digestion: Fundamental Insights from Small–angle Neutron Scattering"
  • Carl Holt, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
    "Quantitative models of casein micelle structure derived from SAXS and SANS"
  • John Katsaras, NRC, Chalk River, Canada
    "Neutron Scattering, Hydrogenous Materials and Nutraceuticals"
  • Susan Krueger, NIST, USA
    "Protein structure and interactions in the solid state"
  • Ross Lee, PTIS, USA
    "Need for neutron scattering techniques in packaging"
  • Peter Lillford, University of York, United Kingdom
    "Neutrons and Food: What are the problems?"
  • Camille Loupiac, Université de Bourgogne, France
    "Protein structure (SANS), water and protein dynamics (Elastic and Inelastic Neutron Scattering), and protein–lipids interface (Neutron Reflectivity). How neutron scattering experiments can target the behaviour of model food proteins?"
  • Hans Tromp, Nizo, The Netherlands
    "Neutron scattering study of food structure: gelation, coacervation and the effect of high pressure"
  • Aude Vernhet, INRA, France
    "Colloidal interactions involving condensed tannins in diluted systems: what problems can we solve through SANS?"
  • Elliot Gilbert, ANSTO, Australia
    "Neutron Scattering — A Natural Tool for Food Science and Technology Research"


Conference booklet is available for download in pdf format

8.00 – 8.45 registration
9.00 Opening and Welcome

Protein and Complexes Digestion and Metabolic processes

Drinks and Beverages
10.30 morning tea
10.40 Where to from here?
Open forum including morning tea
11.00 Dairy Proteins and Complexes
12.30 lunch
13.30 Lipids and Fats Glassy States visit ANSTO
15.00 afternoon tea
15.30 Networking session Food Packaging

Plant Materials
17.00 arrival/registration poster session
19.00 welcome reception workshop dinner / Harbour cruise

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Conference dinner

The dinner and Harbour Cruise will be held on Tuesday, 2 November.

ANSTO tour

When: Wednesday 3 November. The tour bus will leave the conference hotel after lunch and return at around 6 pm. ANSTO is about 50 minutes drive from the conference venue. The visit will take about 2 hours.

What: ANSTO is home to Australia's research reactor known as OPAL. We offer a visit to see OPAL's neutron scattering facilities operated by the Bragg Institute at ANSTO which leads Australia in the use of neutron scattering techniques. For more information about ANSTO and the Bragg Institute please go to web-pages of ANSTO and the Bragg Institute.

Important note: As ANSTO is a highly secure Commonwealth Protected site there are special security requirements for visitors:

  • Prior to the visit you will be asked to provide your contact and photo identification details (eg passport number or Australian drivers licence number).
  • You will need to bring your photo identification with you when you come on the tour.
  • Visitors are not permitted to take any unauthorised photographic devices, including mobile phones with cameras or other recording equipment, weapons, firearms, explosives, alcohol, animals or containers with volatile liquids on site.
  • Bags may not be taken on site.
  • Prams or strollers may not be taken on site.
  • Fully enclosed shoes must be worn.
  • Lockers are available at the Visitor Centre for handbags and other valuables (please avoid bringing valuables if possible).

If you are interested in joining this tour please email Cherylie Thorn by Friday 1 October 2010.

Map of ANSTO

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